A Sky Full Of Clouds

by Lilac Sun

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Recorded this summer in either Binky, Crayola, or a closet in OBX


released August 11, 2017

Etha Wilso - everything except tenor saxophone
Kaleel Moore - tenor saxophone



all rights reserved


Lilac Sun Harrisonburg, Virginia

Spooky prog pop made specifically for your ears.

Fuck domestic white terrorists & Donald Trump

I love you

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Track Name: Validation (Something Good)
Wake up!
You gotta go make money somehow
Take up those liberal arts degrees
And fold them into something worthwhile
I see a fleet of paper planes flying right at me
Where is my money?

Cause I'm something good
We all have something good
You're something good
We all have something good

Are you awake?
This isn't inspirational
Make up your face and face the world
Cause chaos consumes us all
I see the bitter bite of entropy
But you cant touch me
Track Name: Feather Fist
Lover, leave me alone
Your enchanting smell's
A spell that casts my future in stone
Now I'm all on my own
Come hell or high waisted denim
I'll uproot the seed you have sown
I wish it happened another way

It's a punch in the face
with a feather fist

Your feather fist left a bruise
Words cant erase words
They tie another knot in the noose
I cant help feeling used
Used to being confused about
These doubts that love set on the loose
Did you ever care for me at all?
Track Name: Hotel Paranoia
Hotel paranoia
Open for all to see
You can stay forever
But you will never be free

Cause there's no vacancies here
Cause nobody leaves

Hotel paranoia
Watches you while you sleep
Pulls like a black hole
Free falling faithlessly
Track Name: ~Breather~
Oh, just take a breather
Track Name: New Infatuation
Freshly dumped I caught the gaze you threw
Tossed it back to you
Cause your eyes are refreshingly blue
Let's do what we were made to do

Woah, I'm some kind of jaded
Woah, I'm infatuated
New infatuation

Light one up beneath the lilac tree
Choke down cheap whisky
The burning will melt our soft bodies
I'll take you if you take me too

I feel so damn crazy about you
It's the little things you do
You keep me wide awake at night
It kills me to feel unrequited
Track Name: Half Moon
I gotta quit trying to find myself in other people
Infatuation's a crazy steeple
I build you up like an obelisk in my brain
Only to tear you down in the rain

Cause I'm a half moon
I'm into it
Cause I'm a half moon
I'm over it

I gotta quit trying to spit fire like a roman candle
Cause I cant shove needles thru the eyes of camels
I want you now, I'm the moon going thru a new phase
Infatuation is a hazy daze
Track Name: Club/Web (Something Bad)
Something bad lurks within
Four walls, dark halls, bad habits
Melodramatics, we all know
Summer sweat is better shared
I stare and see the web grow
What do I know? (nothing)

I don't want to be in the fucking club

Spiderweb with faces
pasted onto spools of silver thread
Linking each head
Do no wrong in the club
The bugs see all you do
Who's screwing who tonight?
Track Name: A Sky Full Of Clouds pt. ii (feat. Kaleel Moore)
The ocean constantly calls out my name
To dive head first into the hurricane
The riptide pulls me under
Oh, I wander like a cloud

I'll float away
I'll float away today

I forget the sun lives behind the gray
The moon is behind the waves
The shadows scream so loud
In a sky full of clouds